Webcom Inc., one of the most innovative book printers in North America, had invested 20 Million in new capital equipment over an 18-month period. A re-newed business-to-business market positioning and representative visual identity were required to fully leverage new sales and marketing opportunities as well as energize the employee teams delivering the technology.


Brand Matters’ Brand Differentiation Model™ was applied to develop the most compelling market positioning and resultant brand strategy. To this end, key Webcom management team members participated in a Brand Matters branding workshop followed by market research with Webcom’s key customers. This was was conducted via telephone interviewing across North America and the UK by Brand Matters’ consultants to gain further insight to the optimal market positioning. From this, a new visual identity and tagline “We’re on the same page” were developed along with key branded marketing materials.

To ensure that the new Webcom brand energized key employee groups, the brand was communicated through a cascaded two-way communication process led by Brand Matters and the Webcom management team.


The new brand has supported Webcom coming together as a team to leverage the new technology investment. Within the first year, following the re-brand, the number of sales orders were up over 30%. In the clients’ words, “the emphasis on the brand has helped tremendously and continues to do so daily.”

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