Siemens Canada


In the rapidly evolving Canadian technology marketplace, Siemens Canada felt the need to strengthen their brand to optimize their brand and market positioning. It would require input from both internal and external audiences. Siemens had not conducted formal market research in Canada in over 10 years.


A comprehensive market research approach was developed based on our Brand Differentiation Model.™ Primary research was conducted with both customers and employees simultaneously, which enabled us to identify Siemens’ core competitive differentiators. Statistical analysis was utilized to create a loyalty index and other key benchmarking tools.


This process helped Siemens develop a brand strategy that was Canadian-focused, credible, motivating and relevant to their target audiences. The Brand Matters analysis further supported structural modifications that improved Siemens efficiency in Canada. Siemens continues to work with Brand Matters to ensure that their internal and external brand is aligned. This includes ongoing innovative employee communications.

Brand Matters’ Relevant Expertise

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