Ontario Real Estate Association


With over 45,000 members representing 42 local real estate boards, a governing board and thousands of students and employees, the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) answers to a wide range of stakeholders. With the relaxation of protective legislation expected, a growing competitive threat loomed. The need was greater than ever for OREA to clarify its value proposition and engage key stakeholders.


Comprehensive market research, involving both key internal and external stakeholders groups, led to a thorough analysis of OREA’s brand. In collaboration with the client team, Brand Matters developed a detailed brand strategy and mar-com plan that repositioned the OREA brand to strengthen its value and relevance, both internally and externally. The new brand promise, Supporting the highest standards of professionalism, provided a single-minded value proposition that gained organization-wide support. The design and deployment of employee and management workshops were key to ensuring the newly defined brand would be embraced internally and translated to stakeholder experience.


OREA has reported improved alignment, measured by an increase in employee engagement from 58% to 72% the year immediately following the integrated branding exercise. Furthermore, OREA has significantly grown market share in online education, a key success factor of the branding project.

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