Chicken Farmers of Canada


The Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) were finding it challenging to gain alignment to a national brand strategy for Canadian chicken. They had conducted considerable market research over the past years and made several attempts to build such a strategy and gain alignment across their ten provincial agricultural marketing boards representing over 2700 chicken farmers. Moreover, Canadian consumers were demanding identification of chicken raised in Canada.  It was time to build a national consumer brand and launch it with a best-in-class marketing and media plan.

Insight & Our Process

Brand Matters managed a consultation across the ten provincial marketing boards representing chicken farmers across Canada as well as key industry bodies representing primary processors and food service. Through an extensive, expertly managed series of consultations, Brand Matters gained alignment for the first time to a cohesive brand strategy and strategic marketing plan.

Brand Matters built the brand strategy through their best-of-class approach and Brand Differentiation Model. Following this Brand Matters developed a results-based business case for incremental marketing investment followed by an extensive strategic marketing plan. Brand Matters continues to support the execution of the new “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” ( strategic marketing plan, including media planning, program management, key brand metrics and annual marketing plan refinement.


Since launch in 2014, the new “Raised by a Canadian Farmer” brand continues to gain listings at retail and awareness with Canadian consumers. Brand Matters’ results for CFC include: over $960,000 in combined media savings (vs. published rates) since launch; over 35% conversion through Traditional Marketing tactics to Digital Marketing channels (industry standard is less than 5%). Moreover, with limited marketing investment the brand has achieved 32% awareness.


Brand Matters’ Relevant Expertise

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