Canadian Fuels Association


The Canadian Petroleum Products Institute (representing the Canadian downstream petroleum industry and its nine member oil companies) was finding it increasingly challenging to build awareness and engage key target audiences. Our challenge was to develop a compelling brand strategy for this organization from which to build awareness and greater engagement.

Insight & Our Process

CPPI needed to reposition as a more contemporary, relevant industry organization to build brand image, reputation and awareness. Our work involved a full strategic brand review, the creation and board approval of a distinct brand strategy, and a detailed brand design program encompassing name, identity, communications, and new marketing communications pieces.

Brand Matters engaged the nine member oil companies as decision-makers and key external audiences (bureaucrats, elected officials, the media, Canadian public) with customized market research to develop and validate a new unifying brand strategy for the downstream industry, building on the already strong brand character of the collective organization.

The resultant new CPPI brand builds on the industry’s key brand attributes as uncovered by brand Matters. This combined with Brand Matters’ brand naming expertise resulted in a full re-brand of the collective organization to Canadian Fuels Association. A visual identity and tagline were developed along with key proof points for future messaging. The new brand is based on enabling a better future for Canadians with the new name Canadian Fuels Association and the accompanying future-oriented tagline, “We’ll take you there.”


In addition to introducing a new name and tagline, the Canadian Fuels Association has a new market positioning and visual identity system that is relevant and motivating to its key target audiences. The unique requirement of collective decision making had to be considered throughout the engagement and was embedded in all areas of brand development. Brand Matters initiated brand tracking research for the new Canadian Fuels Association and will continue to track brand results annually. Following launch the client is delighted with the results, it has literally opened doors for them.

Brand Matters Relevant Expertise

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