Diabetes Canada


A leading health care charity, the Diabetes Canada lacked direction and consistency in their marketing and branding efforts throughout Canada. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that brand execution lay in the hands of many individuals who were not united under one marketing and communication vision. It was time to refresh and unify the Diabetes Canada brand.


Through the use of our exclusive Brand Differentiation Model™, Brand Matters assisted Diabetes Canada in developing a new brand strategy by uncovering the long-term vision of the Association through research with key internal stakeholders. We also clarified current customer perspectives of the Diabetes Canada brand through a rigorous review of market research. In addition, common industry marketing practices and techniques were identified through competitive analysis of leading charitable organizations. Based on internal and external analysis of the organization, Brand Matters developed a brand strategy roadmap including refined target audience and a refreshed tagline. The Diabetes Canada leadership history in medical research proved to be one of the key tenants of the renewed Diabetes Canada brand positioning, Setting the world standard – the first step in organization alignment. This was followed by the first successful development of a regionally aligned strategic marketing and communications plan led by Brand Matters.


Internal stakeholders were consulted throughout the process to ensure organizational buy-in to the new brand strategy at launch, thus uniting the brand for the first time under one consistent vision. The brand was successfully rolled-out on time and on budget. Diabetes Canada continues to benefit from its successful rebrand.

Brand Matters’ Relevant Expertise

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