Building Trades of Alberta


Market share for this unionized organization, composition of 16 construction trade unions, had become stagnant. They found it increasingly difficult to attract new members. Younger journeymen and college students saw them as unapproachable and didn’t understand their relevance. Building Trades of Alberta needed to reposition themselves as a more modern, relevant, approachable union organization.


Previously named the Alberta Building Trades Council, Brand Matters proposed a change in name to the more customer-relevant Building Trades of Alberta (BTA). We engaged internal BTA decision-makers and all key external audiences to develop a competitive analysis, allowing us to better assess brand equity. Linking these findings to overall project objectives, we identified critical positioning factors for success. With a descriptive snapshot of where the brand was, and where it needed to go for BTA to regain its momentum in the market, we identified the core benefit as The skilled trades advantage. In order to ensure that younger market segments were prioritized, Brand Matters provided BTA with a set of comprehensive online tactics to optimize the pull with the re-launch of the new brand.


In addition to introducing a new name and tagline, BTA has a new marketing strategy and visual identity system that was relevant and motivating to its key stakeholders. The unique cultural element of ‘unionism’ had to be considered throughout the engagement process and was embedded in all areas of brand development.

Brand Matters’ Relevant Expertise

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