Brand Logo

As a visual expression of your brand strategy, the brand logo and visual identity serve as the focal point of your brand.

Our phased approach to brand logo and visual identity development ensures that the visual brand delivers on the brand strategy. Whether you require a full identity system or only a new tagline or a logo refresh, we can scale our approach to meet your specific needs.

  1. Brand Architecture, Naming and Tagline Development

    • A brand architecture identifies the relationships between the corporate brand, other operational brands and product/service brands (sub-brands)
    • A competitive ‘brandscape’ summary helps to ensure competitive differentiation
  2. Brand Logo and Visual Identity Development and Validation

    • We deliver an unique, relevant and motivating visual identity system for the brand
    • Research validation of design concepts may follow to ensure in-market success
  3. Style Guide and Templates

    • To protect the integrity of the brand and help ensure stakeholders ‘experience’ the brand consistently
    • Staff training to ensure the consistent application of the new brand visual identity
  4. Digital Branding

    • Digital branding is a strategic branding practice that we offer to ensure that our clients’ brands translate consistently to the web and key digital channels.
    • We have considerable experience in helping our clients build digital brand engagement