Brand Differentiation Model®

Brand Matters works collaboratively with our clients to reveal the hidden benefits of their brands. We accomplish this through a proprietary three-step process know as the Brand Differentiation Model.

Brand Differentiation Model®

Internal Stakeholder Perspective

  • Prioritize business goals
  • SWOT analysis of key marketing issues
  • Brand character defined
  • Competitive perspective

Customer Insight

  • Perceived strengths and opportunities
  • Prioritize customer value drivers
  • Brand character refined
  • Marketing & sales opportunities identified

Competitive Analysis

  • Brand image analyzed by our Brand Experts
  • Market positioning mapping
  • Competitive offerings defined
  • Opportunities prioritized

Brand Matters’ Brand Differentiation Model features internal stakeholder insight combined with external market research and competitive analysis as part of the research process. We effectively employ both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to formulate optimal on-brand strategic solutions for our clients.

A business aligned brand strategy and integrated marketing plan including results-driven digital and social media tactics are typical outcomes of this process.