Brand Story – What Motivated Brand Matters

Our brand story starts with my career after having worked over 12 years leading marketing teams for large global brands (Consumer Packaged Goods and Financial Services), I knew there was a need for an unbiased brand and marketing consulting approach with a focus on business results. In my role as marketing lead I had been the client of global management consulting firms and advertising agencies and had been frustrated on many occasions with the lack of interest and focus on our actual business systems and results.

Motivated by this, I re-focused my energy with the objective of forming a team of trusted advisors and launched Brand Matters in 2000. I personally thrive on continuing to lead client engagements with the purpose of providing medium-large innovative Canadian businesses with a results-driven focus on building, managing and re-positioning their brands.

Our team at Brand Matters, adds value to client branding and marketing initiatives by laying a strong foundation with a well thought-through strategy to build brand equity. We do this by taking a strategic approach starting with the most relevant customer and competitive data from which we drive analysis to develop the best market positioning for our clients. Our process includes customized research, brand strategy development, the option of visual identity creation and integrated marketing planning. Our team has lived and breathed branding for more than 15 years. Learn more about us and how we build our clients’ brands: