Brand Matters’ Profile

Brand Matters was founded as a marketing and brand consulting company in 2000 to bridge the gap between the marketing strategy provided by management consulting firms and the creative insights offered by advertising agencies. Brand Matters’ profile includes deep market research, brand strategy, award-winning creative and marketing consulting expertise; all under one roof in order to validate and extract insights as we successfully develop and reposition our clients’ brands.

Ours is a collaborative brand consulting firm, strong on proven processes, able to customize to meet our clients’ business needs, time requirements and decision-making style. We are experts in re-branding established brands with specific expertise in business-to-business marketing. Brand Matters has worked with several global brands including Siemens, Delta Hotels, L3-WESCAM and the Government of Canada. In fact, the president of Brand Matters is currently representing Canada in the development of a series of global ISO standards for brand and related metrics.

As marketing industry leaders, the Brand Matters’ team contributes to best branding practices as the Chair of the Branding and Strategic Planning Council for the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA), participation in the B2B Branding Council and previously as a CMA Board Member. Brand Matters’ president is the Chair of the Standards Council of Canada Committee representing Canada globally in the development of a new ISO (TC 289) Brand Evaluation and related branding practices. At Brand Matters, we are committed to leading edge brand strategy and evaluation practices.